Divya Arathi
1 min readJul 31, 2020


A swirl of thoughts

It’s been a while now. Since I allowed the neurons in my brain to fire up and stitch up a string of words together. Ever so judgemental of the prose that is not journaling.

So something allowed me to ‘be’ today. To let my thoughts swirl and rise up in patterns. Like steam rising up from a freshly brewed cup of hot coffee. Like smoke from an incense stick. To no end. Just a poetic moment, much like enjoying the evening sunset sky, sipping coffee, watching the steam rising in patterns before becoming one with the gentle breeze in my balcony.

I enjoy these moments in my balcony. Moments of simply being. Watching nature and science perform their act. Are they so different after all ?

Isn’t science the musings of nature anyway ? And isn’t nature the artwork of science ?

Either way, it’s tragic that the pursuit of happiness doesn’t involve experiencing the beauty in nature. The delicate veins on a leaf, the blend of colors in the sky, the rhythmic dance of leaves on a tree, the message in a birdsong are love notes from nature, inviting us to a moment of stillness, of being.