Divya Arathi
1 min readNov 14, 2021


From darkness to light

It’s absolutely ethereal when doubt, hopelessness and helplessness fades away and suddenly there is a bright ray of sunshine. A sunshine that lets you see the spectrum of colors on a dew drop. Sunshine that is warm and cosy. Making you want to bathe in the light and take the light in.

With a swish of the wind and a flap of a wing, the world is different. Life beckons you forth, towards beauty, towards joy, towards connectedness and the immense joy one can feel when deeply connected to all that is divine. And the epiphany when you realise that EVERYTHING is divine indeed.

Nature in its glory and it’s tantrums. People in their ugliest and in their full bloom. Situations so inexplicable, that no one can fathom how a moment comes to be. Why it is. All we know is that IT IS. It just is. And growing happens in the moment of knowing that everything is just is and it is for 'NOW’. In this very moment. This fraction of Xeno.

And so. I have allowed myself to soak in the Xenoes. To breathe it all in. Every emotion. Every connection. To live this second with utmost love. With utmost compassion. Because what is life anyway if we can’t hold kindness in our actions and gratitude in our heart.

Let’s just be, shall we? Let’s just be LOVE. Let’s just be in peace.