Divya Arathi
6 min readDec 5, 2021


Netru Avan irundhan. Avanodu naanum irundhen.

A Modern Love Saga

It’s 10:10 and I’m positive it’s exactly 35 seconds right now.

You know how I know? Because in the presence of this Light, everything just aligns. Falls into place. It just comes into being. So magically, so beautifully and like I knew it will. And yet. In every moment that it does, I feel a fountain of inexplicable connection, joy inside me, rising like a spring gushing out of the earth to consume the soil, to drench it with love.

And now it’s 10:22! It’s significant because it’s the date of my birthday. And this Light I’m talking about, is the Loki to my Slyvie. The other Ladybird.🐞 The only other living soul, that is an uncanny reflection of who I am. Who I’ve been, and hopefully who I’m going to be. ☺ And also myself in progress. (Like whaaaa!!!) The whole timeline, here and now.

Do you see? Do you see how fantastic and mind-blowing that is ? And hey. I’m just getting started. And I’m hoping I have words.

So one day there was Light.

Lol. No, not actually. I’m trying to think how he came to be ? Because it’s seems like forever. But obviously there was a start.

(Because I’m 33 and I wish I had met this phenomenon of a person, sooner. As I write this, I can only imagine him saying, you always want more 😃. And I say to him, Yes. More and more. Because the spring is abundant and so is the earth’s thirst)

So the start wasn’t as extraordinary as what followed or the now. It was just a couple of messages being exchanged. And from the exchange, it moved to conversation. Conversation to connection. And connection to an exalting reciprocation and an enigmatic similarity in our thoughts, being, experiences and our most ardent wishes, our vision, our purpose, who we wanted to be. It was incredible to hear your mind’s words outside of your mind ! It was astounding to find that all of this was not true just for me! 🐞🐞(Well after a point it felt like it should be obvious, but doesn’t every sunset feel magical ? That’s exactly how it felt at every moment of recognising the synchronicity. Nope. Not an exaggeration 😌)

And I think it was the similarity in being that sparked that electric attraction. It’s not narcissism to be dazzled by someone who is you. Or is it ? Didn’t matter. It was happening and happening hard and fast. Not sure if time stood still or passed by ? Because it definitely felt like a moment ago after many many hours of this dance and exchange of divine energy and light.

Quick segway: (The way manifestation works in my life is, I conceive of it in my mind. With the intellect and intelligence that I have in that moment, and later when it takes form in my life, it is an embodiment of everything I needed, I need and will need at that later time in life when it comes to being. It’s basically my thoughts transforming itself into a form that my future self will need. And it’s grand. Really grand. )

So the exchange left us ( yes, from here on, it’s us) longing for more. More corporeal. Involving more senses. (Nope Meta can’t replace this ;)) It is beyond. (Oh he will have a comment here : (to be filled) ☺

And after 12 hours or so of this exciting experience (medium being texts and video calls) we HAD to meet. In person. So we threw caution to the wind and did.

It rained like nobody’s business. Because it had to ! It was the moment wasn’t it ? The skies were as excited as me(read us).

And so I walked to that cafe. I knew he was there already. I had my jacket pulled over my head. Hands in my pocket. A broad grin on my face. Heart booming in rhythm, so much of a spring in my step, that I faltered. My mind wondering how I’m going to redo my hair and my shirt before he sees me. 🙈

And in that exact moment, I saw him through the glass. Sitting at a table. My heart leapt. I had a good 30 steps to go, but in what felt like 5, I found myself next to him. Giving him a hurried, excited and heart fluttering hug. I’d forgotten about setting my hair ! Forgotten to take off my jacket. My mask. Forgotten everything I had planned. 🙈

I’m trying to think about how I felt about how he looked. A red pullover and jeans. And I think crocs ? 😃 Hair like he didn’t care. Beard. Brows like mine. Expressive eyes. And when he talked 🐞… my whole being would awaken in suprise, excitement and awe of Him. His ideas, his stories, the Light that emanated from him. I could not stop smiling and grinning. I wanted to touch his hands, just to let myself know he was real. That we were there, in that moment. Fully present. Wholly together. All of both of us.

Time was playing tricks again. We lost of track of time. Or did we not want to track it ? 🤔

Either way. We both missed some important engagements that evening. (that we would have not, given any other circumstance) But this was special. Was worth it. Was amazing.

And so after that brilliant rendezvous, I came home to find myself ecstatic. Happily restless. Reliving every moment in great detail. We even described to each other the inner workings, delighting in the moments we spent. Just a couple of minutes, and then hours ago.

Well. In 16 hours, we had talked and had met each other in person. And it just wasn’t enough. Instead, it felt like the beginning of an adventure ardently beckoning us forth. No it wasn’t as superficial as temptation. We called it that ofcourse. But it wasn’t. It was much like the blue light(Light ❤️) (and 💙) from Ron’s deluminator. All we had to do was, to allow it to take us where we needed to go. And we did. 🐞❤️🐞

The place that we landed at was empyreal. Divine. Out of the world.

There was divine flow of energy. So free. So light. So true.

All the metaphors of love-making suddenly made sense. They were true. There was fire.There was love. There was passion. There was also tenderness. There was ease. There was glee. It was a celebration of meeting our innermost selves in each other. Not figuratively. In the most literal sense possible. We had met similar souls, we had met kindred souls. But we hadn’t met us, outside of us. And this was that.

From there on it was a marathon of uninhibited expression. Of awe. Of love. Of our hearts and bodies' deepest desires. Of pleasures we never knew possible. Of first times. Of being in the moment. Of desires finding their groove. (I thought destination first, but no, this is a journey, an unending path of exploration). Of spirited conversation. Every expression and experience leaving us spellbound in its after effect. Oh! Is this what is Afterglow ? 🤯

You know how they say two bodies one soul ? No this wasn’t that. This was two bodies, two souls, two spirits vibing at a cosmic frequency. Like movements in a symphony. Beautiful in their own right but together the magic overwhelming, in the least.

It’s a testament to the serenity of the experience that when we hit the bed entwined in each other, we drifted into the arms of Morpheus, within a fraction of a moment. The restfulness was deep, fulfilling, energizing(much like everything until now). There was one crazy, hilarious moment, that I think flabbergasted him more than me. 🙈😁(Maybe, I’ll insert here when he puts it to prose).

It was 5 AM. A dream like morning. We were sitting in front of each other. Nude. Unabashed. Looking at each other. Beaming from within. Soaking in each other’s presence and Light.

And that is the first episode of our Modern Love Saga. A journey where we discover Love that is liberating, a Connection that makes us come 'alive’, and Experiences that propel us to new dimensions of Being.