Divya Arathi
2 min readSep 29, 2020


The ebbs and flows in the ocean of life

The Universe spoke to me today. Just like every day. But today, I listened.

The universe spoke to me through a friend who is also my coach and one of the angels that one meets in life.

“Sometimes it ok to allow TIME some time”

Just like a popcorn kernel pops when it does, a seed sprouts when it does, and eureka moments happen when they do… this string of words, to me, sounded like pearls of wisdom.

For a long time now, I’ve tried to regiment the ebbs and flows in my ocean of life. I’ve tried to diminish the magnitude of the crests and the troughs of the emotional rollercoasters in my mind. Not realizing that sine waves are a manifestation of life and nature itself! Everything of beauty goes through change involving crests of beauty and joy, troughs of growth and learning.

To allow the ebbs and flows of life to be

is to allow ‘yourself’ time to be…

is to allow 'time' to be….

Because time runs in its own time.

And we can choose to ride the wave and gallop in it or get wiped out (falling off while surfing). As life will have it, we’ve all got to pick up ourselves after a fall.

But we can also choose to pick up some tricks and ride the wave in style and enjoy the adventure while doing so.

So, it’s OKAY to take a break.

It’s OKAY to take it slow.

It’s OKAY to have a mood swing.

It’s OKAY to have an offseason.

It’s OKAY to allow TIME some time.

Pearls of wisdom by Ruqya Khan. Please watch this live video and follow Ruqya for wisdom and life lessons!